Social Access Communications is an open architecture practice. We are a collaborative platform that calls on the finest minds in the communications business and puts together strategies to promote any specified social development assignment. We have a strong team of creative experts and in-house strategists that have a unique combination of vast experience in non-profits as well as corporate sectors, giving us an edge to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships, and create an ideal communication strategy.

We seek to engage four key players as agents of social change through collaboration — NGOs, Corporates, Government bodies and agencies, and Society. Our primary vehicle to inspire change is life changing stories.

We will work with you to:
1. Conceptualise creative ideas.
2. Devise strategic communication plans.
3. Create effective communication material.
4. Facilitate in management and execution of campaigns.
5. Deploy media for amplifying the reach.


For NGOs

Social Access Communications wants to learn about, share and support real icons of change – people and organisations who lead by example. We will work as a team to effect change in our society . Through our thoughts and actions, we hope to inspire a greater good.

We Offer:
· Campaign strategy.
· Manage and execute advocacy.
· Design effective communication material.
· Design fund-raising campaigns and ensure end-to-end management.
· Bring on board relevant corporate sponsors, donors and supporters.
· Deploy media (traditional and digital) for wider reach.
· Complete monitoring and impact assessment studies.

For Corporates

Corporates understand the importance of integrating social responsibility into their larger business philosophy, and are looking for a long-term strategy that is in sync with their vision, values, and expertise. Social Access Communications offers tailor-made end-to-end solutions.

Our Services Include:

· Evaluating internal processes and recommending social initiatives that align with your business philosophy.
· Defining the project objectives and conceptualizing a comprehensive CSR strategy.
· Outlining the vision, mission, partnering and funding strategy.
· Monitor the implementation of the project from end-to-end and provide a thorough impact assessment.

· Identifying a cause that is a natural extension of your business and the chosen product/service.
· Conceptualizing a campaign that hard-hitting and successfully engages your customers.
· Implementing and publicizing the campaign through individual donor outreach, partnerships and social media.
· Tracking, measuring and reporting the outcomes and feedback of the campaign.