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Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) currently works in over 110 national parks and sanctuaries of India across 19 states, covering 72% of 47 tiger reserves and 15.5% of 668 nature reserves. Understanding the importance of communities in conservation, WCT has led the fight to save and secure India’s forests from all threats internal and external.


To create communication that demonstrated their conservation philosophy effectively to their key stakeholders and the general audience at large.


Recommended to put the ecosystem (forests) in the center of the conservation game, as conserving the ecosystem will help conserve all life dependent on it – You, me and the Tiger. Developed a creative expression to bring the ecosystem closer to our everyday life – A Forest in Me!


Keeping in mind the detailed approach taken by WCT, we devised ‘Tiger Matters’, a documentary-style film that presented representatives from every sector that WCT is involved in- ranging from forest guards to local teachers, medical professionals to data mappers. The film exhibited WCT’s commitment to secure communities along with the forests they inhabit and offered a view of the complexity of WCT’s efforts and the players it has involved in its conservation efforts.

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Wildlife Conservation Trust


Online Communication, Films




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