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Transformiti is an apolitical, non-partisan and professional organisation founded and supported by successful professionals who are thought leaders from accounting, finance, IT, legal and manufacturing fields. Transformiti believes that a change in our economic system is possible. It begins with making the public aware about the current economic trends and problems – making them question what they see around them.


To educate the masses about economic issues.


• Strategised for a specific target audience and topic for the campaign. We decided to focus on targetting the youth – ages 18-25 and chose to spread awareness on the topic of taxes.
• Developed a social media plan for a three-month campaign.


1. Designed the logo for Transformiti
2. Designed & developed an informative and interactive website targeted to the youth and managed the website through the campaign:
3. Made 8 films on various topics related to taxes
4. Made over 150 social media posts on facebook


• 20,000+ fans on Facebook, 2000 Followers on Twitter, 6000+ website visits
• Over 3,00,000 video views for all the films
• 30 Million impressions delivered during the campaign (targeted 5 Million)
• 4 hours INDIA TRENDING #HawaMeinUdaadiya
• More than 60,000 comments, likes, shares

Client Name



Logo, Online Communication, Films


Youth, Awareness, Economic Issues, Taxes, Air India


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