The Walking Man

Partner Profile

Max Chandra gave up a successful career as the CEO of a UK based company, and the comfortable life that comes with it to resettle in India to discover his motherland. He started a charity in Goa, where he lives, called One Step at a Time. In 2011, he began an experiment to walk across India to raise funds for local issues. He has helped several people by generating resources such as providing beds for orphans, food to natural disaster struck villages and more.


To amplify Max’s voice and reach out his cause to more people through multiple platforms such as social media, blogs, speaking assignments, facilitating media interaction and media coverage.


Social Access Communications got involved in the fourth leg of Max’s journey to amplify his cause.
Developed a video with the footage he took during his walk, encapsulating his journey and purpose.
Received him at the end of his walk at New Delhi, and arranged for strategic media interaction and coverage.
Social Media promotion through blogs, Facebook and Twitter.
Amplifying his voice through speaking assignments in the IIMs.

Client Name

The Walking Man


Film, Online Campaign, Media Campaign, On-ground Events


Homeless, Charity, Max Chandra, walk, India, One Step at a time


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