Bee The Change

The Social Access Communications launch was the brainchild of the founder, Lynn de Souza. It celebrated the coming together of great minds, sharing their life changing stories to inspire people to take responsibility and be icons of change in their own right.

Objective of the event

To experience the purpose rather than announce the presence of the company in a unique and memorable way
To be the change you want to see.

Social Access Design

Interaction with real icons of change, not a parade of page three socialites
To maintain a warm, high energy atmosphere with action packed fun
Free of celluloid, full of soul


80 representatives from corporates, 100 from NGOs and 50 from the press.
Sarah Wilson, a mountaineer who survived an avalanche got 20 women listeners of Radio Mirchi to climb the high rope.
Double amputee mountaineer who climbed Everest, Mark Inglis cycled with 50 NGO children
Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy, India’s first solo, unassisted, nonstop circumnavigator sailed with 50 Children.
Produced and launched the “All Yours” short film, about Abhilash Tomy’s circumnavigation
Event partners: Aquasail (Adventure), Radio Mirchi (Radio), Red Hot Mirchi (Knowledge), Catalyst (Event), Foxymoron (Digital) and National Geographic (Apparel).
All event partners were inspired to work pro-bono.

Client Name

Bee The Change


On-Ground Event, Film


Social, Good, NGO, Launch, Service


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