Social Access is a first of its kind communication company that works purely to fuel social change.

Our inspiration is the bee, without which the world would have no food. It is a symbol of teamwork, creativity, activity and buzz. And the bulb, that is the universal symbol for unique ideas.

Just as a bee uses collective power to make honey, Social Access Communications aims to create a collaborative engine of social immersion, of change and of scale so that good ideas will be shared across the globe.

We believe in action leaders. We use life changing stories to inspire ideas and action. We want to learn about, share and support real icons of change. We want to tell stories of people and organizations that lead by example.

Our vision is to help build a more equitable society with informed and involved participation from key constituents i.e.; NGOs, Corporates, Government and Society.


Social Access Communications works on the four-pronged principles of equality, responsibility, sustainability and collaboration

  • All our work ensures that it builds on the premise of equality and universality regardless of cultural differences.
  • We are responsible with our content and appeal.
  • We do not work for short term gain at the expense of sustained benefits.
  • We will not place the individual’s desires above those of the public good.